E3 2016: New PS4 Biker/Zombie Game "Days Gone" Announced

Check out this extended gameplay demo from Sony’s E3 briefing.

Days Gone – E3 2018 Official Trailer | Release Date Reveal

Days Gone release date announced for February 22, 2019!

DAYS GONE Trailer (E3 2016) PS4

Official trailer for the zombie game Days Gone !
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DAYS GONE Trailer (E3 2016) PS4
Release date : 2017 on PS4
© 2016 – Sony

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New Zombie Games Announced From E3 2016

The new Zombie game’s that were announced at E3, Resident Evil 7, Dead Rising 4, Day’s Gone, State of Decay 2, The Walking Dead: Season 3 and Death Stranding ft’ing Norman Reedus. Enjoy the Video!

Days Gone is a Tense, Defensive Zombie Game – E3 2016

Marty and Andrew talk about the highs and lows of Sony Bend’s new zombie game.

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