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Mount & Blade with Fire and Sword: Enhancement Mod

Hello my name is Zach. I posted this video to show a mod I found for WFS. It is simply titled enhancement mod. It improves many things from the map to make it more clear and easier on the eyes, to more quest variety so the gameplay doesn’t become repetitive. The game also gives you the option of having better gear, 10000 currency, and you can start off from level six instead of one so the game can speed up a little. This resembles the floris mod for warband. Now there are bugs and balance issues but they ill probably be fixed by the creator over time.I also am only three to four hours into it so I couldn’t show you everything it has to offer. I also believe the soundtrack has been changed but I’m not positive because I usually play with the music off.‎ – Link to mod
You do need an account on this site to download the mod. It is free don’t worry.

If you want to see more of it if your still not sure let me know.

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Mount and Blade with Fire and Sword CHEATS!!! #1

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The Average Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword Experience

Pretty much your Average Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword Experience!

It’s SHITPOST WEDNESDAY! Woho! Get your favorite drinking skull, realize ITSALMOSTHARVESTINGSEASON, make sure you’re not a manhunter, shoo away any beggars that might be hiding in your castle, and enjoy this video!

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Mount and Blade with Fire and Sword: CHEATS tutorial

You are sick of selling powder? You lack the thaler to buy this sexy winged cuirass? Then here comes the solution: CHEATS! We all love them, we all abuse them! They grant you money and health, which is exactly what you vile beggars are missing, so listen up and learn the ways of the cheater in “Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword” developed by the legendary, mighty (and in every way superior to El.Ar. and Ubiso.) developer TaleWorlds Entertainment!

00:36 cash, a lot of cash. Throw those thalers everywhere! Buy all the powder and velvet in the game and flood the market if you feel like it.

01:07 recover health during battles! Defeat entire armies single-handedly!

01:22 teleporting yourself and your company to every cornor of the map is handy.

I recommend this game to you. How many other videos do you need until you give in and do the right thing once in your miserable life, huh? What if I told you only the cool kids have this game in their library on Steam? Would this work?!

You… you bought it? It’s finally harvesting season! By buying this game TaleWorlds will be able to produce more Mount and Blade! More Mount and Blade means more mounts and more blades in our lifes! Rejoice, fellow vile beggars!